Steve Hill
Steve Hill 4 tuntia sitten
Instead of covering all aspect of disc golf it's become a goofy not that funny comedy show?
Allen Black
Allen Black 4 tuntia sitten
i hope big barri can get a couple tournaments to commentate this season
Fred-Erik Tehvan
Fred-Erik Tehvan 5 tuntia sitten
That tune is DOPE
Michael Egan
Michael Egan 9 tuntia sitten
Jomez can you guys please change up the music every once in a while?
dustman 9 tuntia sitten
I ate a brean burrito while watching this, for real. Great stuff, look forward to next time. Can we bring up the issue of overcrowded courses, and how to open more courses. Our courses in Tucson are becoming almost unplayable at certain times of day because of the growing popularity of disc golf. We need more courses. Also, a little etiquette reminder from the pros would be awesome. Good etiquette means you can have twice as many people on the course and it still goes smoothly.
Justin TheBasket
Justin TheBasket 9 tuntia sitten
Jomez should do a larger run of the Gazellus and the profits should go exclusively to Uli for being such a good sport about the whole thing.
Dirty Intel
Dirty Intel 9 tuntia sitten
Shirts are tight.
provalettrash7 10 tuntia sitten
(political comment) -"not to be political" We're here for disc golf, stop this shit please.
Tres harris
Tres harris 4 tuntia sitten
Someone seems a little sore
Chad Emond
Chad Emond 10 tuntia sitten
I’m already designing a brean shirt in my head. Hahahaha
yojimboliferow 10 tuntia sitten
what happened to the segments and clips?
ari tuononen
ari tuononen 10 tuntia sitten
Thank you guys! Loved this!
Tdawg740 10 tuntia sitten
Y’all didn’t help Jerm with the thumbnail on this based on the live chat responses😂😂😂
Max Roc
Max Roc 11 tuntia sitten
i empathize with paul about that leg. i tore my acl twice.
Ryan Schmitt
Ryan Schmitt 11 tuntia sitten
Me Fry Bring
jcrow62 11 tuntia sitten
I’ve been needing a wraith! Just picked one up. I missed the teal but am psyched about the green!
Brian Riley
Brian Riley 12 tuntia sitten
You guys are hilarious ... "I'm gunna be 36 years old this year -and Paul's gunna be 33". Dudes - I bought my first DG disc from Discovering the World in 1986 - after playing with a 141g Wham-O Frisbee for 3 years prior to that!! Y'all are kids!
Ryan Schmitt
Ryan Schmitt 12 tuntia sitten
Jerms headphones make it look like he’s wearing granny glasses. right?
kc5string 13 tuntia sitten
I could watch Uli and Big Jerm nonstop until the end of time. Their commentary together and their practice rounds are pure gold. Laugh at them more than just about anything on FIpost. 🔥🔥🔥
Big Al
Big Al 13 tuntia sitten
Awww man Uli.... Chipotle? Really.... so nasty. Most overrated chain in history. Come to California and I’ll take you to some crazy good places
Sleep. 13 tuntia sitten
bet james is loving the camera crew at 12:50
Eryk Burgermyer
Eryk Burgermyer 13 tuntia sitten
Uli is so freaking funny!
Ben Rowland
Ben Rowland 13 tuntia sitten
Oh holy Jesus... Did he just compare himself to Cal Ripken?
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 13 tuntia sitten
Great year of highlights! This definitely helped getting through this last year. Lots of laughs!
Big Al
Big Al 14 tuntia sitten
Why the audio so low
Devon Earnest
Devon Earnest 14 tuntia sitten
Give the people what they want! BIG SEXY BARRI 2021
DonthasseltheHoff 14 tuntia sitten
Just ask Ezra’s thoughts on Breans
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 13 tuntia sitten
I'd suspect he'd get furious.
KDF 15 tuntia sitten
I love ball golf but I’m not gonna lie this is pretty entertaining.
racenuke 15 tuntia sitten
My wife pointed out that Jeremy sounds like Jim from the office lol so crazy!
Penkkuthehotdogg 5 tuntia sitten
Eric Triplett
Eric Triplett 15 tuntia sitten
Ezra Aderhold -- powered by breans
Lamar L
Lamar L 15 tuntia sitten
Hahahaha Gazellus Ulibarris!! 🤣🤣
Disc and Balls Golf Channel
Disc and Balls Golf Channel 16 tuntia sitten
I can't believe you mispronounced "beans" after Ezra joined Discraft. He's gonna be so disappointed
Aaron Mayhew 2.0
Aaron Mayhew 2.0 13 tuntia sitten
Came to the comments just to see if this would be brought up. Lol. Oops
Line Richard
Line Richard 16 tuntia sitten
All you guys Rock!
Line Richard
Line Richard 16 tuntia sitten
Love you Paul not only you are a great player you have a gteat sense of humour
Line Richard
Line Richard 16 tuntia sitten
Volume is much better
ryan davis
ryan davis 16 tuntia sitten
No offense to Nate Sexton but I’d prefer Uli for commentary any day of the week.
Lucas Kramarczuk
Lucas Kramarczuk 17 tuntia sitten
Now that Ezra joined Discraft Uli started eating breans
Bl4de0f0siris 17 tuntia sitten
Can that amazing 80s track just be the new Jomez 2021 coverage intro track???
donald blontz
donald blontz 17 tuntia sitten
YESSSS!!!!! I lOVE showmez. especially these 3 guys. They are everything that is needed to have the greatest televised events. Very glad your all back at it.
Morgan Kaufman
Morgan Kaufman 17 tuntia sitten
Nothing will beat the Practice Round Prince vs Uli!! Glad Uli isn’t going anywhere
Kevin 17 tuntia sitten
JOMEZ WEBSITE SHOP IS NOT WORKING!!! Trying to buy things. Its my birthday!
Brett Fritzler
Brett Fritzler 16 tuntia sitten
I finally got an order in. Been trying since about 10:30am.
Kevin 16 tuntia sitten
Finally got my Zone and the winter windbreaker jacket. Happy birthday to me!!! Your website is super slow and was not working for awhile. I would click on the zone and it would automatically say that I bought 4! But then nothing would be in the cart. Just letting you know.
Kevin Uptegraft
Kevin Uptegraft 17 tuntia sitten
With the popularity of Disc Golf Valley, do you think we can see a Showmez DGV tourney?
Braden Cross
Braden Cross 17 tuntia sitten
Absolutely love what Paul said about work ethic wholeheartedly agree my wife suggestion for the three of you commentating big sexy Berry
m8edofallm8eds 18 tuntia sitten
Awesome, love u all
Aron Ziegler
Aron Ziegler 18 tuntia sitten
Crank that volume up! We can barely hear you!
Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas 18 tuntia sitten
The gazelle commentary >>>> any of the best shots of 2020.
Charles Willard
Charles Willard 18 tuntia sitten
Great commentary? Are you kidding me? These guys don't even know the names of the trees yet!
Mylan Blosser
Mylan Blosser 18 tuntia sitten
Uli is awesome and Jerms girlfriend is 🤮
jacoblindquist 19 tuntia sitten
Speak up. You little girl voice. You have 262k subscribers. I can't hear you talking. Speak up like you have a pair
music legler
music legler 19 tuntia sitten
Big Jerm - hall of fame practice round player.
Jesse Duran
Jesse Duran 19 tuntia sitten
The Marksman
agentsmanto 20 tuntia sitten
You guys need to do one more run of the Gazelle shirts.
Fifa Dillon
Fifa Dillon 20 tuntia sitten
Man you could tell the nerves got to Dickerson in those last two holes. I would too if there was 20k on the line... impressive from Kevin tho
BillFromAZ 20 tuntia sitten
The gazelle bird eats breams.
Lucas Abrams
Lucas Abrams 20 tuntia sitten
They say no one goes for hole 18 and out of the blue,Simon throws 75+MPH and they are WRONG
Paul Perry
Paul Perry 20 tuntia sitten
Now we are complete! I've never laughed more than Uli commentary! 😆
zafotbeeb 20 tuntia sitten
Don't live in fear and do NOT get the dammed vaccine.
MRI_CT_DG 11 tuntia sitten
Get the vaccine.
Louie Brigl
Louie Brigl 20 tuntia sitten
Or be responsible and get the vaccine because it will save lives. But yeah, fear mongering and blind ignorance is easier.
therealjwil5 20 tuntia sitten
Anyone else's volume extremely low? And yes my volume is all the way up 😁 Okay just had to sit a few minutes!
brucehansensc 21 tunti sitten
1:52 - Nose up for headwind? This goes against both other advise and my experience. Its gonna float up and fall off who knows where. What am I missing?
David May
David May 21 tunti sitten
holy crap, you about blew my ears out when you fixed the volume with no warning
Hannu Kumpula
Hannu Kumpula 21 tunti sitten
Of course it will mean a thing when you have been there for all of these commentaries. This is history in the making. Who would have the time... You have made your self a part of disc golf history with all these videos Jerm.
Justin TheBasket
Justin TheBasket 22 tuntia sitten
Man. Been trying to order a gazelus for 30 min. The site must be crashed with traffic.
Justin TheBasket
Justin TheBasket 9 tuntia sitten
@Brett Fritzler Nice. It's 4 am and the site still won't work for me. Guessing it's not just the traffic at this point. Edit it finally worked but is out of stock. Oh well. I shouldn't be buying 30 dollar discs anyway.
Brett Fritzler
Brett Fritzler 17 tuntia sitten
Justin TheBasket
Justin TheBasket 18 tuntia sitten
@Brett Fritzler Yep. Still no dice.
Brett Fritzler
Brett Fritzler 19 tuntia sitten
Yeah I've been trying all day. Tried adding g a Wraith but it just sat and spun. I think I got a couple zones in my basket but IDK because the site crashes whenever I try to load my cart.
Justin TheBasket
Justin TheBasket 21 tunti sitten
I give up. Who'da thought buying a 30 dollar zone would be so hard. Props to Uli for being an amazing sport and a really solid commentator.
BillFromAZ 22 tuntia sitten
Uli has the biggest heart. He's the comic relief and doesn't take offense. He's awesome.
Levi Bennett
Levi Bennett 22 tuntia sitten
Can't wait to watch this...now I just have to find an hour and a half of free time!
Jared Sledge
Jared Sledge 22 tuntia sitten
the tour last year after the layoff went pretty smoothly. I do not see any reason why the tour could not continue this year. I mean, fans likely would not be allowed, but I still believe that it can be done safely like last season.
Jared Sledge
Jared Sledge 22 tuntia sitten
this is the content that FIpost needs!
kruksog 22 tuntia sitten
I think we can count on Nate and Jon to go to the hall. Nate for being a great player through the old school and into the modern game, and Jon for Jomez.
Robert Cartas
Robert Cartas 22 tuntia sitten
You guys always remind me how much I love this sport, its community, and how awesome your whole team is. Thank you.
PD Derek
PD Derek 22 tuntia sitten
Uli > Jerm I mean...he's the funny one.
Brett Fritzler
Brett Fritzler 22 tuntia sitten
Website keeps crashing. 😥
Luke Francis
Luke Francis 23 tuntia sitten
I think the picture in picture is distracting imo
Matt May
Matt May 23 tuntia sitten
Okay, based on a few interviews/vlogs, I believe Uli was thinking of a stork. I was thinking crane/egret/heron based on the description, but in an earlier vlog when someone said swan, he said yeah, swan. But, given swans aren’t often seen standing on one foot, I am locking in stork.... final answer
Knut Ove Kihle
Knut Ove Kihle 21 tunti sitten
Flamingo? ;-)
thejoshyman09 23 tuntia sitten
What up with all the bass behind the vocals
Charles Lybrand
Charles Lybrand 23 tuntia sitten
I totally dissed Ulibary at Kilbourne the other day. I was just star struck at the opportunity to meet Jeremy. (I now have a marker in my bag). I love you Paul. Sorry I didn't say hello
Ben Schreiber
Ben Schreiber 23 tuntia sitten
If I could, I'd tattoo Uli's laugh on me.
Curtis Bugbee
Curtis Bugbee 23 tuntia sitten
Shout out to Kevin McGorry ( hope I'm spelling that right) for doing the literal leg work for Disc Golf Monthly all those years.
Patrik Kivekäs
Patrik Kivekäs 23 tuntia sitten
"Sweet breams are made of these"
Mathison Ingham
Mathison Ingham Päivä sitten
It’s so interesting to see which players had the most highlight shots on Jomez